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LED Apple Tree light

78W LED Apple trees light 300cm

1. Model Number: EN-PG-001
2. LEDs quantity:
A)1728PCS LED(red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, white, green, purple)
3. Height: 300CM;
4. Diameter: 250CM;
5. Color: Red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, white, green, purple, RGB;
6. Frequency: 50-60Hz;
7. Input Voltage: AC110/220V;
8. Output voltage: DC24V;
9. Power:
A)78W(red, yellow, orange); B)78W(Blue, pink, white, green, purple);


1. The lighting source is 5mm LED light with high quality. The leaves and LED light beads are water-proof, with the characteristics of low voltage, energy consumption and long life. Their leaves are vivid in form. Various light colors are used in leaves as landscape colors indaytime, matched with different LED light beads, which show rich and colorful leaves.

2. No matter in daytime or evening, the trees has rich lighting effects of art and lighting. The simulation modeling makes the apples with changeable colors more vivid and colorful. The leaves are produced with high-purity PVC material, added with flexible, anti-aging and anti-UV material, which makes the leaves easy to clean and colors of blossoms unlikely to fade away.

Using the high quanlity iron wire and PU material as its cover, branches have a collapsible structure. The proportion of branch to leaf is reasonable and coordinated. The branches can be curving, creating artistic inspiration. You can change the branches’ modeling at will.

Made of steel pipe and PU material as its cover, the trees’ stems have a simulation structure. Besides, the stems are added with a patent formula. All these make the stem firm, rustproof and waterproof. The voltage of tree light source is 24 volts, which has the functions of the energy conservation and environmental protection, guaranteeing security.